Establishing safe and sustainable pharmaceutical lifecycles by design


Sustainable Solutions

Thinking in full product life cycles

Communicating the Benefits

Raising awareness of cleaner products & manufacturing

Green Manufacturing

Digital Transformation

Use & Disposal

Social Awareness

Project Overview

ETERNAL is contributing to sustainable development of pharmaceutical manufacture, use and disposal, by using and promoting full life cycle approaches covering design, manufacture, use, and disposal. Our industry-research-compliance partnership is mobilizing to:

  • co-design application-industry oriented R&D and scale-up in six industrial case studies focused on Green Chemistry, Mechanochemistry, and Digitalization, as key enabling technologies;

  • assess the regulatory implications of adopting the innovations to ensure a pathway to compliance

  • generate new scientific knowledge on the environmental fate and eco-toxicological effects of pharmaceuticals; and

  • catalyze behavioural change, participation and social innovation for reducing the environmental impacts of pharmaceuticals in terms of safe use and disposal.

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